The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus 254 is not a new product. It is not as warm sounding as the Linn Sondek LP12, or the Nottingham 294, or even an TW Acustic Raven AC which sits beside the Amadeus for direct comparison. At first I was somewhat perturbed -- I couldn’t see how to adjust and align the cartridge. I do not believe it is a mere coincidence that both of them are essentially torsional suspension design, which probably contributed to the lively characteristics of both arms. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is warm, fat and fussy and 10 is analytical, shrill and hard sounding, I’d say the Well Tempered Amadeus is at a 4.5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Nichts labt mich mehr als Wein (Kanon) (KV 233)Chor>XXX I was thoroughly enjoying the review: so well written (and you made me write down a couple of albums to investigate, the Richter being the primary curiosity (I love his ‘recomposed Four Seasons’)) however I came to complete stop when you said there was a suicide in your family. I have a deep appreciation of Li’s musical taste and the product lines which he carries. Enjoy the sounds. Analog is like that -- it’s hard to standardize for the huge numbers of variables that go into making a complete LP playback system. With its post-industrial look and aluminum top, the Amadeus captivated me momentarily, but as soon as Li started to assemble the $7800 Amadeus the alarm bells started to sound off in my head. The bottom of the plinth of the Well Tempered Lab Amadeus houses four rubber isolation feet embedded in an aluminum enclosure. That means if a more analytical sounding cartridge is thrown into the mix, the balance may tilt back to neutral. The performance of the LTD tonearm is very similar to the Schroder Reference, which is clearly the most lively tonearm in my possession. Höre Mozart von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart auf Deezer. Golf balls and squash balls, what have I gotten myself into? Since the Fall, poet Matthew Gwathmey and composer Tristan Zaba have... been participants in our Choral Creation Lab. When it is first placed into the well it takes hours for it to settle, otherwise, the azimuth may be tilted too much by the unevenness of silicone fluid. The Virgo 25 has a crisp, detailed sound that leaves no place for a bright component to hide. Piano Sonata No. Another consideration for those thinking of buying an Amadeus is its appearance. The plinth is made of two 8mm thick solid aluminum which encapsulates dual multi-layered plywood. The mandolin gained body and harmonic clarity, perversely sounding both more real and more present in acoustic space. Print Amadeus DVD - 2009 Average Rating: Rate this: 28 2 2 … The life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is viewed through the memories of an envious rival, Salieri. Barometric pressure affects the sound. . I’m not about to criticize that approach, that’s for sure. The table literally uses four of them sandwiched in between the plinth as the primary isolation mechanism. The stylus’s vertical tracking angle (VTA) is easily adjusted by loosening another setscrew and raising or lowering the entire superstructure that supports the tonearm. I listened to Pink Floyd’s Pulse album and listened to all eight sides in their entirety, and I must admit, I do not listen this type of music on softer sounding tables as they tend to smudge out the lines and project a blurry sonic image. He uses copious amounts of silicone to mount components to the chassis of his products. The force exerted by the belt will pull the bearing toward this single contact point, resulting in microscopic instability. While the Well Tempered Lab retained all of the fun, delicious, human qualities of vinyl, it also banished a thick layer of mungus that I hadn’t realized was there. Part uses the thunderous sound of the prepared piano by inserting metal screws with felt into the strings, resulting in a deep and disturbing effect which reaches the lower octaves. I do have one small complaint against the Well Tempered Amadeus 254. Yet the Amadeus doesn’t veer towards the other end of the spectrum: I find my JC Verdier La Platine to have less body, and my Micro-Seiki RS5000, Kronos Sparta, and Brinkmann Bardo to have cleaner lines and a relatively analytical sound compared to the Amadeus. But I was wrong. The squash balls remind of the Gingko Audio Cloud 14B isolation platform, which also uses rubber balls as the primary isolation mechanism. The fact that I could play it at ludicrous volumes and enjoy it immensely tells me that the Amadeus’s sound was, most emphatically, not bright. A lot of unipivot tonearms are very lively sounding, but they fall short when the musical passages become complex such as in grand orchestral symphonies, soundtracks or heavier rock or pop. “Chorale” seems to be climax of the composition, as it builds up slowly with voice and violin, almost a processional as waves of deep base slowly gets stronger and stronger. Assuming I’ve accurately reverse-engineered their thought processes, Well Tempered Lab was looking for a round pivot for their tonearm. The rest is in the details. Mozart is perhaps the greatest musical genius who ever lived. Now I do other things. Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch. . Click for full review. The turntable itself is absolutely gorgeous. The arm lifter rest far above a level position and the arm wand needs to be lifted by a lot in order to sit back onto the arm lifter. Dubwize. September bis 17. Well Tempered Lab refers to the LTD as this: “A Symmetrex design, where the center of gravity of the tonearm assembly is well above the rotational pivot of the ball and the ball is immersed in approximately 30% in the damping fluid. For this I focused mainly on human voices as I went through a dozen or so albums, but let’s use Tom Jones’ 2010. has sky rocketed in prices as soon as it went out of print, you’ll be lucky to find one at $100. Tom’s voice showed excellent clarity with deep throatiness with a sense of warmth. Of course the designers also need to listen, listen, listen. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Once the base plinth is leveled, the four squash balls go onto their corresponding location and the upper-level plinth is placed on top. Suddenly, it sang. The Amadeus, a sample of which I contemplate at this very moment, is an incredibly odd creature, a product developed clear out of the ether, without preconceptions. I did not listen to music for months as I struggled with waves of conflicting emotions. Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle Audio is a prime example. I don’t think I’d pair the Amadeus with the Virgo 25s, but then again, I like my music rich and lush; those who lean toward accuracy and detail might well be enchanted by such a combo. Tom’s voice showed excellent clarity with deep throatiness with a sense of warmth. 21,45 € Nur noch 1 auf Lager. Now, the sound of the Amadeus was in no way bright or edgy, but it was much more revealing than the sound of my Pro-Ject RPM 10 turntable. Schroder Reference, DaVinci Master Reference Virtu, DaVinci Grandezza. So I curbed my enthusiasm and went to bed early. FdK is fairly sparse electronic noodling overlaid with Davis’ signature trumpet sound -- sparse, but there’s more to it than that. Amadeus - Director's Cut (2 DVDs) F. Murray Abraham. The Amadeus’s tonearm pivot is a golf ball. Labels: cd vynil. The opposite is also true, if the violin is fat and blurry, it loses the liveness required to stand out from the fore. The same came be said of Joan Baez’s studio album Farewell Angelina, or the live recording Diamond and Rust in the Bullring. By doing this, the Amadeus Code can generate infinite melody variations. Mit „Rock Me Amadeus” führt er diese 1985 gar an – ein Kunststück, das bis heute keinem anderen deutschsprachigen Künstler gelang. ritmos bailables y guitarras intensas. The violins had a liveliness that resembled a live performance, with just the right amount of texture and clarity which allows the listener to distinguish the fine lines within the holographic image. You can’t polish a turd -- all of the instruments were gummed together in one harsh-sounding mess -- but regardless, the music won the day. The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus 254 is not a new product. And everything else in this closed system should remain as close to a stable, unmoving point as is possible. JAM Music Lab University awards a scholarship to the winner of "THE VOICE" singing competition in autumn 2020 in Wiener Neustadt. “Trust me on this,” Li said. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This is a sparse arrangement with lots of space around the instruments, which are exceptionally well placed on the soundstage. Slowly I came to appreciate all the subtle but well thought out design elements which have gone into the table, and the combination of seemingly bizarre elements which create a sound I have come to appreciate and love. Genova is so grateful and thrilled to work with the remarkable talents and kindred souls in the Amadeus Choral Creation Lab and can’t wait to learn and contribute all she can in this unique milieu. That wonky-looking Rube Goldberg arm did exactly what it’s supposed to do. DVD. For the 19th time already, Austria's great singing competition THE VOICE will take place live in the Fischapark shopping centre in Wiener Neustadt from 19 September to 17 October. I prefer listening to LPs, and that’s the way I’ve biased my main system. The golf ball is a stroke of brilliance. Legacy link:This new site was launched in July 2010. They also measure what they build, which is especially reassuring. Well okay, I guess. … I would not hesitate to give this turntable, tonearm and combination my strongest BUY recommendation. Amadeus Selling Platform is Amadeus´ Point of sales solution developed to improve efficiency and increase the sales of non air products. Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, January 27, 1756. The LP groove and how it affects the stylus function at the level of the micrometer, or millionth of a meter (0.000001m); given the delicacy of those effects and the relatively blunt instruments that must read and amplify them, it’s a wonder they reproduce any recognizable sound at all, let alone the sonic delights that can come out of even a budget turntable, tonearm, and cartridge. While the WTL certainly showed up crisp recordings for what they are, it didn’t intrude on my listening pleasure, nor did it push detail down my throat. Whichever way you slice it, the Well Tempered Lab Amadeus is a cohesive, well-made, wonderful-sounding turntable that’s worth every penny of its $2850 asking price. But if it veers too much towards that direction, the lines which defines the holographic image becomes fussy and blurry. Amadeus & Kulprit - Down Dooby Down (unfinished) by amadeus published on 2008-10-30T00:14:06Z. Literally! Fancy terminology aside, the LTD is essentially a torsional suspension tonearm where the rotating pivot is suspended in mid-air using a monofilament line. It’s a deeply melancholy composition with emphasis on two solo violins on the backdrop of a prepared piano and chamber orchestra. Oktober statt. Once aligned, the bearing will have two contact points resulting in zero clearance and a high degree of stability. Aim for a 15-min visit unless using the computer lab. As I said, when you lift the tonearm off its rest, you can feel the resistance -- but to see just how much damping that fluid exerts, try to move the golf ball itself. Amadeus ist ein Theaterstück in zwei Akten von Peter Shaffer, in dem der Protagonist Antonio Salieri seine Rolle in Mozarts Leben dem Publikum den Geistern der Zukunft erläutert. A bit more about that silicone. Yesterday at 9:17 AM. From piano to cello, to techno, from deep bass to ocean waves, I was riveted for an entire hour and played all four sides. The Amadeus’s platter bearing, too, is really special. This lively characteristic is often a tonearm’s Achille’s heel. It was one very cool turntable. The song “Ongmanibamai” is a perfect demonstration of the Amadeus and LTD’s liveliness, evidenced by the live presence of Daiqing Tana’s holographic image standing right in my living room, with the backdrop of the horse head fiddle and percussion, each occupying their rightful location in the acoustic space with deep colors and contrast.

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