We loved the Rega Brio-R enough to give it a Best Buy Award in 2012, and continued to look upon it fondly even as newer amplifiers stole its crown. The C31/P38 a bit dry. The Rega Brio is an integrated amplifier and the entry level model in the Rega range. Rega engineers believe too much mass impacts the sound, and this philosophy carries on to the new Planar 6’s design. There is no need for an alignment protractor when setting this cartridge up on a Rega arm because the front fixing sets overhang – the correct distance from bearing to stylus. Rega Aria MK3 quantity. The aria is sounding so ‘real’ if that makes sense. With manufacturing and shipping delays, the Aria got a late start but now it has landed its first major review! Luigi April 5, 2020, 6:58pm #12. As with all Rega MCs and the better MMs the Ania Pro has three fixing points which means a very strong mechanical bond to headshells that have the relevant holes. Info: Rega Aria Phono Stage. I'm on my second 2017 Brio at the moment and both have an audible hum that can be heard when in close proximity to the speakers (at all volumes and inputs). +39 0523 462021 P.IVA: 01660510338 www.greensounds.it MM/MC phono stage. The fully aluminium case screens the internal circuit from any stray RFI signals. I have a long history with Arcam behind me. About Seller: Follow user. Share on: Description . I currently have a VPI prime with Hana ML cartridge [both purchased new October 2020] connected to Audia flight FL3S integrated amplifier. However, I would choose Slee’s phono over the equally tiny and similarly priced Benz-Micro Lukaschek PP-1 Phono Stage, much loved in some circles, and the very popular and cheaper Lehmann Black Cube. Guth Music Lover. Description New styling May 2020. Rega Research Ltd. is a high-end audio equipment manufacturer based in the UK. MM/MC phono stage. Known for its analog audio components like turntables, cartridge and converters, Rega focuses on high-quality, high-fidelity equipment. The manufacturer states a recommended retail price of € 1,199 for this solution. Rega was founded in 1973. The latest news and event information from Rega. See Specifications below for more information. Read the full review in December 2020 issue 456 I've been pining for a upgrade to my next level of phono stage and have been gravitating towards the Rega Aria as I have a Rega table with a Rega cart. The Aria is an "all analogue amplifier" with no digital control circuitry. The sizeable gap between the £1,680 Elicit-R (HFC 374) and range-topping £6,400 Osiris (HFC 329) integrateds always suggested that another design might be in the works, and the Aethos is an intriguing combination of established Rega engineering with some new twists. Rega – Aria $ 1,899.99 +TPS/TVQ. I agree. My local Rega dealer had a deal on a couple of ex-demo units and I had 'em saved to pull the trigger next month... then they disappeared off their site, OK but the new ones disappeared also and from a couple of other goto dealers I check too! Asking Price: CAD $ 1400.00. They also make pick up cartridges of both moving coil and moving magnet varieties and it’s the former that the Aura was created to make the most of. The Neo is a blinder and would be the first thing I would i would do to upgrade from the earlier PS. Note: All Aria MK3 MC settings will be factory preset for all Rega MC cartridge models. Product: Rega Planar 10/Apheta 3 Price: £4,500 Origin: UK Type: Belt-drive turntable Weight: 4.7kg Dimensions: (WxHxD) 420 x 125 x 315mm. Before I had chance to see your reply I was offered a fantastic deal on the Rega aria mk3 current model so I’ve got that. Retail Price: CAD $1800.00: Condition: 9 - Excellent (?) View all amplifiers; io new; Brio; Elex-R; Elicit-R; Aethos Ref; Osiris Ref; Phono Stages. That delicate balance between lightness and sturdiness is crucial to the Rega’s sound. Ultimately went with a Trichord Dino Mk. New styling May 2020! PPS is a difficult polymer to mould and requires special attention to how the mould tool operates. Even when placed as far away as the interconnect would allow I still had audible hum, so ultimately gave up (though, tbh, the hum was not audible when the music was playing). Sep 2020. The deck also uses the new and improved RB330 tonearm found in the Planar 3/Elys 2 - but the Planar 6 gets a stainless-steel balance weight. Watch Report This Ad. I have done some research and more deep i go then more I'm confused or confused. Rega Fono Mini (£99) - Is the same phono stage that is in the Rega Brio Amp - Anyone confirm ? Neither is it the only use of the material. Description Avis (0) Description. The new Rega Aria MK3 MM/MC Phono Stage should be available from specialist dealers as early as June 2020. The Planar 10 is the only Rega turntable (except, ironically, the Planar 1 for different reasons) not to use glass for the platter material. Richard.Dane April 5, 2020, 6:34pm #11. Rega Fono (£199) Musical Fidelity … Housed within our latest half width custom designed case to give it a fresh new look and match the range are two entirely separate, high performance phono stages. Rega announced the Aria Mk.3 early in 2020 during the Bristol Hi-Fi show, but it wasn't until May that the new phono stage started making its way into the world. A budget example will give you a good idea of what vinyl is capable of and one at twice the price will clearly... Chord Electronics Huei. FEATURES Tancast 8 foam plinth surrounded by HPL casing Ceramic platter and brace RB3000 tonearm with optional Apheta 3 cartridge PL10 PSU with DSP control. The Rega Aura is a pretty serious example of the standalone phono preamp or stage. Rega says its engineers have tested headphones from 24 ohms to 300 ohms – so the Brio should comfortably be able to drive whatever pair you have. We first glimpsed a prototype of Rega’s Aethos integrated amplifier at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show back in February 2019. Verdict. My original phono stage was an older Rega aria which was the 1st victim of my current predicament. quantité de Rega - Aria. Based in the United Kingdom, Rega (also known as Rega Research) has been producing audio equipment since 1973. When I last visited the Rega factory, Phil handed me a motor, first powered by the old PS, then powered by the NEO; the difference in vibration was amazing, the NEO made it feel so much smoother. More than most audio components there seem to be a myriad graduations of quality with phono stages (preamps). OFF - FOR TRADE: Rega Aria Phono Stage . Date Posted: Jan 18, 20 10:46am (PST) Edited: Feb 06, 20 11:55am. Rega Aria v. Gold Note PH-10 v. Parasound JC 3+ Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Dave Calarco, Apr 14, 2020. View all turntables; Planar 1 new; Planar 1 Plus new; Planar 78; Planar 2; Planar 3 ; Planar 6; Planar 8; Planar 10 Ref; Amplifiers. Rega says that the use of it makes the Planar 10 considerably stiffer than the Planar 8 without increasing the dimensions. Ajouter au panier. Now we had to design a production mould tool capable of extreme accuracy and long life. https://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/rega-aria-3-mmmc-phono-stage Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > Dave Calarco Forum Resident Thread Starter. Home; Products. For the general consumer and less well heeled audiophile who wants quality analogue in everyday situations, the Aria is perfect. The company's name was formed of the initials of its two founders (RElph & GAndy). I’m shocked at how much I have been missing with the budget phonostage. Location: Oregon. REGA ARIA MM/MC phono stage Rating: REGA’S more modestly priced turntables and tonearms have been components which virtually set the bar for what can be achieved sonically at their price points, but I’ve long felt that the company’s cheapest electronics product, the Rega Fono Mini, has been in equal place with the RB250/251 tonearm, its best bang-for-the-buck product. My aural memory does not serve you to compare my experience with another overachiever, the Rega Aria ($1500); I don’t think you can go wrong with either if that’s where your budget is. Green Sounds s.r.l Via Manfredi n° 98 29122 Piacenza Tel. Rega choose not to publish their SNR data, something I didn't appreciate until after buying. Item #649585040. It comes from a company that has been making very good turntables for nearly fifty years and started building electronics in the 90s. The Aria is an ""all analogue amplifier"" with no digital control circuitry. Rega are widely known for their turntables, cartridges and tonearms, and has produced award winning amplification and speakers for over 20 years. Aug 9, 2020 #1 Hi guys, can you give some guide or recommendation of speakers for Rega elicit-r? Room size is 25 m2, I think floor standing speakers is accurate but it could be even bookshelf speakers. Add to cart. My opinion is that the Rega P8/Apheta/Aria is the stronger part in the setup and ould do with a better integrated amp, no need anymore to go pre/power. Only over the last decade or so, as new "space age" materials have been developed, has Rega been able to truly test and fully implement its ideas—as in the now–near-legendary Rega Naiad, a ca-$45,000 ultracompact carbon fiber–based Rega that's not practical to manufacture and so serves more as an auto show "concept car" (footnote 1). Fwiw, I believe you can turn off the gold note display screen. I found the AVP700/P90 combo very musical. The P8 and the apheta is certainly as good that they deserve the Aria. Rega is a company with a very sensible naming strategy: the higher the number, the further up the range. Location: Bay Area, California @Guth yep. Rega – Aria . Rega. The fully aluminium case screens the internal circuit from … Rega designed and prototyped using SLA systems in just a few months, proving the validity of the design direction. I've selected the following options and welcome comments. The first one was definitely worse though and louder in the right channel. Just prior to Christmas - two months after the VPI was purchased new - I lost right channel sound. New styling May 2020! Instead, ceramic of a slightly different makeup to the brace is used. The Aria’s sound compliments that of the recently introduced RP-8 turntable: it is fast, taut, offers precise transient performance and scores high in the “slam” department. Rega's next-gen Aria phono stage was first spotted at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show back in February alongside the Rega System One.We are now happy to report that the Aria Mk3 is now available to order for £899. Dave Calarco, Apr 15, 2020 #26. Estimated Delivery Date novembre 21, 2020. At $1500, the Rega Aria will give you more than 75% of the quality and you’ll have enough money left to buy a quality turntable or knockout cartridge (my philosophy is to always max out the arm and 'table with the very best cartridge you can afford). Turntables. The vinyl source is quieter and less pronounced than other sources so perhaps I could do with a separate phono stage. Thanks Paul. The Brio has existed in various incarnations almost since the very beginning. See Specifications for more information. One fully adjustable, dedicated moving coil and one moving magnet. Catégories: Phonos, Préamplificateurs, Rega Étiquettes: Phono, Préamplificateurs, Rega. Rega Aria 3. As in the past, the Rega Aria MK3 MM/MC Phono Stage is also available in the latest generation exclusively in … The company is best known for their turntables – and they’ve been extremely active in this area of late as well – but they have been producing amplifiers for nearly thirty years. Category: Rega Tags: phono preamplifier, rega. Feb 23, 2020 #1 Thanks to all that provided guidance on recent Amp / Speaker queries. I agree. Note: All Aria MK3 MC settings will be factory preset for all Rega MC cartridge models. 16th November 2020 at 12:03 pm. Please browse through our fantastic range of Rega . MORE: Best over-ear headphones 2017. I too had hum issues with a Rega Aria (using an LP12 with Krystal cartridge into 202/200). My other parts of system is: Rega Saturn r CD player, rega planar8 turntable, Rega Aria phono. May 2020. Aria’s chassis is designed to reject RFI/EMI and the overall attention to detail paid by Rega’s engineers is impressive, particularly given the reasonable price point.